The Chic Mini!


I’m really excited to present to you my second attire I wish to flaunt. This time I’ve chosen a casual look which is also more of a chic outfit for warm weekends or parties.

I’ve always loved wearing short length outfits. This time I’ve chosen a mini skirt. Most often one might not feel so comfortable and think it’s too revealing or how the world will look at me. That is yesterday years.

One really has to be confident in their body and skin. No matter what you buy just be proud and make sure it blends your attitude so you can carry it comfortably.







What I’m wearing:

I’m wearing a gray spaghetti top from the lifestyle. A  mini skirt which I bought from commercial street Bangalore. The best thing about a Body-con mini skirt is that it looks so flattering and sexy. I’ve paired this with cool white sneakers cause they absolutely go with anything!! A metallic neckpiece which adds fun and completes the look.


A bad hair-do could spoil the entire look even if you’re wearing the sexiest outfit. I would also like you to take a look at my hairstyle, it really goes with my outfit.






Until next time!! I’ll be back with more as usual. Hope you had a good time reading.

I would love to hear from you, Comment below.



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