Off-shoulder Love!

Hey, guys!!

Hope you all are doing good.😊

This blog post features a style which is creeping up to be the latest amongst Trends in India ‘The Off-Shoulders’. This is a classic, feminine style of top. That can be flaunted on various occasions.



I’m very picky about my wardrobe and always wanted this one in my collection. The moment I saw this I loved the colour and the fabrics semi-velvet spoke to my taste buds and got me to buy it immediately. The overall design of the top with sleeve dropping over my shoulders got me to want to wear it and take a photo.

For this shoot which was collaborated with photographer Joshua @hermitscribe.

I choose to add in a black velvet choker ‘he cunningly stole it from my collection’ and palazzo pants made it a very finished outfit for the day #ootd. I also wore my black sling by madame and completed my look with glittery sandals by Anabelle, Pantaloons.


To get to the final touches I ran through the modern ways to get my makeup on in the park through a selfie video and added my dark shade of lipstick.

Hope you girls will get inspired by this trend and venture out to try ‘Off-Shoulders’ if so do drop the photos and comments. Looking forward to you all in my next post.

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