Rugged DIY

Greetings Folks,

Hope you all are doing great!! 😊

This time I have created a fusion of style with the help of my friend & photographer Josh. We used the least touched outfits added a multi-purpose scarf from Fast track and cut into the blues to give in a home made fashion.


Here I ‘ve used an oversized tee on which I did some cutouts at the front and back. And, also I’ve cut it a bit from the lower side to create a knot.

Adding to it I’m wearing these jeggings which are self-torn using a pair of scissors and blade.

I’ve added black gum boots, a cool pair of shades and a really dark shade of lipstick to complete my rugged DIY.

I have had the top pulled all the way down near my chest to add in the sex appeal to it. Hoping you had a good time reading as much as I enjoyed creating this look. 😊

Share your suggestions in the comments below.!!

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