A Photographers View

This post looks into the other side of Fashion Blogging. The view or perspective from photographer.

I have Photographed many models and bloggers are a new view to me. It is a challenge to shoot them differently to get every detail. Especially if it’s a Fashion Blogger like Nandani.

Yes, I’m sure she hated me because I made her pose the way I wanted and wear the way I need. But, look at it she had a great success in Instagram by looking so sexy.




I think when I said we should crop top she wasn’t ok with it but gave in to the desire to look brilliant and got into the grove. I however had to help her to get the shots and the folds right. Which she later said I don’t like people touching me but then she got comfy.




The shoots of her off-shoulder was the sexiest I suppose trying to get some old clothes modified to look utterly today. She pulled it lower to send a sense of tease that made many eyes turn.

I must confess she didn’t have the looks when we tried crop tops but she wasn’t afraid and was proud to show her skin off.



That is what I love about people who are true to what they really are. Which makes them instantly friendly and likable.

Nandani isn’t the best to start off with but when you get to know her you can tickle your way through and make her laughable. I did notice she looked amazing showing off her skin so I choose to adapt it and make her show has much as skin possible.



For me personally has a photographer I left like an artist grooming her to form my next best Art Work and she isn’t disappointed me.

But, she looks hot when guided to good shots and that’s where I think I did good making her pose sexy in many occasions the results you see for yourself.

P.S : All Photo Credits @joshy6scribe   Insta: @joshloveart


2 thoughts on “A Photographers View

  1. One can take a lot of Inspiration from this post of yours. I’m so happy to see that you went out of your comfort zone believing in yourself and not thinking about what the outcome would be like Look at you.. come on! Stop being so cute☺️ It’s always a good feeling to prove someone wrong and I appreciate the photographer’s honesty when it came to his thoughts about you 🙂

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