Style with comfort

Hi guys!!

Hope you all are doing great. 😊

Sorry for being late! I’ve recently shifted to a new city. Just needed some time to get settled.

 I think it’s really important that you be comfortable in what you wear so im going to flaunt a really comfy style but keeping it stylish at the same time.

I’ve also tried a few hair styles with this a high bun, low pony or just leaving your hair open. You can go with what suits you most.

I’m wearing this really comfy off-shoulder shirt by Zara loved the sleeves ,palazzo pants from the lifestyle and its really important to choose the right accessories specially the colour. I chose a really soothing shade of pink for my heels and hand bag. It really complemented my outfit and yes how could I forget the pink shade of lipstick and least makeup possible.

I hope you guys liked the over all outfit. Do comment below and let me know. πŸ™‚

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