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We all use soaps. But the usual soaps have a lot of chemicals which makes the skin dry and harsh. Have you heard of organic soaps? So, today I’ll be talking about some organic handmade products I received from Arrkka_bathnbody. The products I received are:

  • Cupcake Soap
  • French Vanilla Soap
  • Caramel Lip Balm


About The Brand

The label is called “Arrkkā (अर्क)” means – The process of extraction of essential oils and is the essence of one’s life.

Soap is something which an individual uses daily. It’s an essential and hence the simple goal of “Arrkkā (अर्क)” is to provide Organic Products which have no unnecessary chemicals.

Why Designer?

They call them Designer Soaps, because, they look and smell much better than the normal commercial soaps and why not! Pampering yourself shouldn’t be restricted in any case!


cupcake soap

My Experience

I really loved how their soaps look especially, the cupcake soap. The soaps have a very pleasing fragrance. One of a friend actually thought that French Vanilla Soap is sweet. These soaps are gentle on the skin and don’t make it dry like ordinary soaps. I’ve become addicted to the caramel lip balm, tastes great :P, makes lips soft and glossy.


caramel Lip balm



You can check out their Instagram page: @arrkka_bathnbody

Hope you guys had a good time!

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