PerfumeBooth Perfume Selfie Review

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Today I’ll be reviewing a product which has a unique concept that offers You to try out seven international perfumes at a very nominal price. I received the Lurve variant.

“She is all things classic. You’d picture her walking down the Parisian streets, holding a dozen carnations. She personifies ‘Lurve’. She is special and you know that.”



Price – Rs.475/-

Contents included in the perfume selfie box – 7 Perfumes, Vial Holder & A Rs.501/- Gift Voucher

PerfumeBooth Selfies for Men – Caznova, Mazculine & Wyld

PerfumeBooth Selfies for Women – Lurve, Teaze & Sophistique




The seven perfumes included in this variant are: Viveca, gold, lady Presidente, Lomani sensual, Emper chiffon, true reflections, creation pour femme.

Personally, I loved all these fragrances but chiffon is my favourite. The packaging is also so cute and lively.


Inside the “booth” box, there are seven perfume vials from different international perfume brands and a pink colored vial holder. You can put any of the perfume vials inside the holder and carry it with ease. The holder’s packaging looks like that of a lipstick case and it is super cute too. This idea is really unique and especially if you are confused about a particular fragrance, then you can buy this pack and pick your favorite.



What I Liked About PerfumeBooth Perfume Selfie – Lurve

  • Inexpensive and value for money.
  • Packaging is really cute and colorful.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • You get to try seven different fragrances.
  • Also Comes with a Rs.501/- gift voucher.


I would definitely recommend Perfume selfie to everyone. Did you like this concept? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for visiting this space :). Until then.

Love Nandani.

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